Goodbye All! This is Permanent As Of Now

I will be leaving in 8 weeks AKA 2 months. This is because of the fact that I am going to be returning this Chromebook at that time, and don’t have another device to access the Discourse. I hope that all of you in [PM REDACTED] will remember me. Even in the memes topic, I will hopefully be remembered. Now if any of you want, we can memechat on Imgflip (User: SilverTheShinyEevee), via my phone. Note though that MC does NOT allow group chats. Sorry about that!


you could just use discourse on your phone


Same, I have to return my chromebook, but I don’t have phone :sob: .

Nvm I’ll just try and continue on my dad’s computer, on which I do my 100 days of python and web development course.

My phone cannot access Discourse.

Cya you were a good person

Try and remember your username and passsword. If you get a chance to go on discourse.

I use the Google Sign-In (so I just need my Google Account credentials, which I use all the time)

How come?
It is blocked at home or something?

It is an unsupported browser… Remember, I am on a flip phone

So how can you access Imgflip but not Discourse?

I have no clue… 20chars

Hopefully you get a better phone or a laptop one day

If you are wondering what it looks like on the phone…


And yes, this is the default one, and no, I cannot switch to a different one.


Ohhhhh yeahhh
Yes, this is an issue on a few devices.
Smartwatches and Amazon Fire Kindles tend to have this problem, but other devices can have similar issues. I think that this website only supports the major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and maybe Opera)

Yeah, I got that… But this is a flip phone (not where I got mine BTW)

Hey everyone! For all of you who missed me, I’M BACK!


YAY welcome back! I reaclntly came back to. the discorse it kinda dead tho…:sob:

I know… Oof… Burn20chars

Welcome back @Yisrael_Hefter!!
And it’s not kinda dead. It is dead. :dotted_line_face: