Something happened to a friends Discord account[SOLVED]

So, I have a friend who goes on Discord. But suddenly, the app disappeared. She looked all over her phone, searched it, and looked it up in the App Store. It’s just gone!
Has this happened to anyone? And what do you suggest she does?

Who is this she…

(20 chars gets sus of you)

I suggest this “she” restarts her phone or something xD

A friend who does not go on the discourse.

I think she tried that.

Okay then I’m useless now. Bye-

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:neutral_face: thanks a lot Vanessa.

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No problem lol-

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In seriousness, try to get this she to sign in on her desktop


This she? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Thx, I shall tell her that.

If that doesn’t work, it something probably happened to her desktop and phone.

Or perhaps if it doesn’t work because someone might have done something wrong with her account. Ask her if she gave out her pass or any personal info.


When you say “and looked it up in the app store. It’s just gone!” does it mean that it dissapeared from the app store?

She has iPhone or Android?

I’m not sure how parental controls work, but perhaps her parents blocked it? She can try accessing the app store using direct link

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I think it means it’s not on here purchased list at all.

I don’t know what phone she has. But she’s had the discord for awhile, and then it just disappeared.

Or try going to google, search discord download, and use that

I use the discord website. its just as good as the app, but if you want to download the app, I suggest what @Lydia_Song said. I believe (im not sure) discord is a google app. meaning you can try searching the google store (or whatever its called) and searching the app searcher of your friends iphone. if it still doesent work, type into google search bar “download discord”. there will most certainly be a link to something

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discord is an app that also functions in the web browser. on desktop the two are virtually the same thing, but on mobile the main difference is how it functions. on the phone attempting to use discord on browser is a huge pain, and the way the app lays out discord is very different from the browser. discord is an app that can be downloaded from google play store, app store, or directly from the discord website. if the app isn’t showing up for your friends phone, i suspect her parents put in some restrictions on the phone so that discord wouldnt show up for her (there are multiple ways they could do this).

another thing to note is that the app store is apple ios specific, so we could safely assume that your friends phone is an iphone, unless it’s not actually the app store.


Sorry for all the trouble guys, turns out, she accidentally deleted her account. Thanks for trying to help though!

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wait all that work for nothing…?


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