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Great tutorials


I wanted to share a very great channel on youtube I found recently
I started learning on codecombat, and since then I applied to an university and I got accepted

The first course is with python.
And I just wanted to share a youtube channel that is almost a replica of what I am learning

Also since Codecombat is in python 2. I recommend starting to use Python 3.
Python 3 will make you more aware of class types like int, str, list, tuple.

Python 3 tutorials with thenewboston

I also recommend to learn tkinter as your first module, it will make you more aware of how it is important to make class and functions, so that you can make your program outputs compatible with interfaces and more

If you have tutorials to recommend post them :slight_smile:


My daughter just completed this course. She hacked her first computer a few days ago. Not bad for a ten year-old. We’re both going to Defcon hacking convention in August (link). Viva Las Vegas!

This course was free when she did it. They just started charging for it as of today. That’s a bummer but it is filled with a TON of information and a great course for beginners. She learned a LOT.


The only thing I’ve ever done with a touch screen is root several android phones and load custom operating systems. Never tried an iPad, but then I would never own one of those either.

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What computer do you use, Mac or PC?


That depends on what I’m doing - PC and Linux. Nothing Mac. I’ve used Mac’s in college but not since. I’m going to be teaching my daughter Kali Linux soon. :sunglasses: (clickable emoji)

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Nice, rn my Mac is getting fixed, but after it gets fixed I’m gonna try dual booting Linux on my Mac, even though I’ll doubt it’s gonna end well. XD I’ve also tried dual booting windows on my Mac, which worked. :wink: BTW are you a Mac hater or not?


Not a hater. I honesty don’t care what other people use. I just have no use for them.


LOL, I usually use Mac but sometimes I feel like using my windows :wink:


So cool about your ten year old daughter completing this hacking course! I might sign my 13 year old daughter up for this in the future!

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On her own, she had already started modifying web pages and digging around to see what she could find so I took advantage of her interest and started teaching her. After her final exam for that course she was mad at me because the only answer she got wrong is the one I argued with her about and she changed her answer to mine. Otherwise she would have scored 100%. We can’t wait for Defcon. Two days of the convention are dedicated to kids. It’s called Rootz Asylum.


This site used to be free as well. It was a good one for coding but unfortunately they started charging $$$.