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Greed: Reverse Code


I pressed the restart button by accident (at first I think it’ll recast my code but instead it changes my code back to default one) so I lose all of my code.
So is there any way that I could restore my code which is being ranked ?
It’s such a really long one and I don’t want to write it down again …


If your original code isn’t listed when you click to view one of your ranked games, then it’s probably lost unfortunately. Several of us are saving all of our codes in 3rd party editors just in case things like this happen. (I for example typically make all of my changes in Visual studio, then copy into the game and hit cast to see if the debugger has problems with it.)


I think they should enable the manual saving function.
Also, all the code which is being ranked should be saved somewhere in the database right ?


We are working on version control. For the time being, you can go to play a level, then type this into the dev console:

currentView.session.get('submittedCode')[$/, '') + '-base'].chooseAction

That will retrieve your last-submitted code for you.


@nick Thank You Nick :slight_smile: I really needed this :smiley:


@nick Hey I just tried this and it dosent seem to be working :frowning: I really need my Sky-Span code that I submited.= months back.Please help.

I got this error :

PS : To get to the developer console in chrome the steps are :
F12 -> Console Tab .
Is this right ?


It’s 'cause you have a ‘human-commander’ in this, not a ‘human-base’. I’ll message the code to you.