Guide/Help missing in some desert levels?

Several levels of the Desert appear to be missing the Guide/Help features. Using Python. From the Help button or the Game menu, there is no help or help tab.

The levels so far I see missing this are:
Sarven Road
Sarven Sentry
Hoarding Gold
Keeping Time

There have also been a lot of levels in Desert where the yellow arrow pointing to needed equipment appears at the wrong place on screen like the following. This is on Chrome 39 (up to date) on Windows 8.1. Same behavior on Windows 7 and Chrome.
Neither of these types of problems happened in in the first two sets of levels.

I’m in the middle of fixing the required equipment in the desert. I haven’t gotten around to writing the guides for the newer levels yet, but it’s on my list. (Have you been finding the guides helpful so far? They’re relatively new, so I haven’t even checked the analytics yet to see if anyone’s reading them!)

Thanks Nick. Yes, the guides are incredibly helpful, at least for my 12 year old son who’s also working through this. I’ve tried to explain to him that trying to solve a level without reading the guide first is like doing math homework without reading the book. I’m trying to keep a few levels ahead of him now that the levels have gotten harder and yes, the guides are becoming essential for me too. At least whenever a new code concept is introduced, I really need the guide.