Harrowlands: up for a battle?

Now imagine if he used Ritic… blink to dodge, wall of darkness to block headhunter’s flying disk things, shadow vortex to get things out of the way, and phase-shift to move around. I bet he could get pretty far in Sarven Treasure with him.

Wait . . . how did Naria move from one side to the other side??

The red X’s are teleporters that take you to the other side.

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Oh, that explains it.

Apparently Nick said that the times he went through the teleporters were coincidences(he didn’t code it so that he would go through them).

@nick just beat you with only Tharin. :wink: All hope isn’t lost free-players! Again, I didn’t really have any complicated code(Only 33 lines), just used a lot of good timing at the beginning of the match. The performance(In terms of HP remaining) was much better with Okar however…


I used Senick with 40-50 lines. But I had 614 health from 2200…

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I took about 4 hours to write all of that code

Nevermind, that was a joke about the joke) [Idea] Mage Items

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So far when I try to beat Nick’s Red code, one random submission I lose, another I win, last one we tie.

Nick is super hard to beat with the scaled gloves because he immobilizes my hero so many times.

Please don’t necropost :)

You could try ranged attacks?

I have tried that, but I do not have the gift of the trees or Ritic so I and dropped down some ranks so then switched to Okar and did better.

Use archers? Or any ranger? Or something with the throw/throwAt ability