Harry Potter Poll Channel (Only for Harry Potter fans. No bad things about him.)

hero.think("Why do we need 20 characters?")

Already a harry potter topic.

where 20charsssssssssssssssss

WHy is there so many people making topics that already exsist just search up if that a topic already and if it isn’t you can post it

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I think we should talk about how Harry got his name from his grandfather, Henry Potter and how Henry Potter is also the name of a professor at Texas A&M of Oceanography. We must find him, and name him Harry.


@Chaboi_3000 can you close or merge?

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maybe I can just close this post

You cant.


Yah this is my second account

what happened to your older one?

I forgot the password… now I do

welp this was suppose to be closed

I know the 20 characters rule is funny, so putting that is just awesome.

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