Topic about DnD

Here is a topic about dnd, post memes character art, concepts and what ever, go nuts…


Nice topic. I’ve never played, but I’ve made some characters including a tiefling gladiator and an unfinished warlock character who will try to seduce everything.

oh god, h warlock, almost as bad as the h bards, what subclass?

I dunno yet. I haven’t even decided a race for him yet. I’ve decided to call him Arion, the deep, though. And my patron will be Cthulhu for the sake of one bad internet reference.


you have any good characters?(or does anyone else)

uh yeah I got a few, in the campaign I’m in I’m running an illusionist robot gnome who uses his illusions to make his cooked food look better.

Wow- i’m just an h bard called AAron (pronounced Aye Aye-ron) that is the father to every screwable thing in sight- :confused:

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