Is Omarn Brewstone based off of Severus Snape? Theory

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Today, I was re-reading all of the heroes’ descriptions/stats. When I read Omarn Brewstone’s description, and looked at his looks, I couldn’t help but think he was Severus Snape(from Harry Potter)'s long lost brother.
(Omarn Brewstone)
(Severus Snape)

Here are the reasons I thought Omarn Brewstone is really similar to Snape:

  1. Snape is very good at brewing potions, and so is Omarn.
  2. There similar hair color and hair style. Both of them have dark/black hair, in a bob-ish haircut.
  3. Their eyebrows. They both have eyebrows that make them look angry all the time. They also sometimes have a nasty grin, that makes them look evil, but they aren’t evil at all.
  4. One of Omarn’s two skills are “Brew”. While Harry Potter is looking into Snape’s past, it shows that Snape wasn’t good at many things besides Potions.
  5. Omarn’s a wizard, and so is Snape.

This might only be me thinking this, but I thought it was super interesting the similarities between Omarn & Snape.

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Although I have not heard of Snape in a very long time, (I read the Harry Potter books once and never wanted to read them again, because I think they are garbage (please ask me only in a PM why)) I think it could very well be true, based on your statemens. they also look very similar


thats a matter of opinion
some people might like it some people might not


Very nice theory, I like it!


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The first time I saw Omarn I heard him say “bottle fame, brew glory” basically the same thing Snape said in the 1st. I had this on my mind for a few months but didnt have the heart to ask XD.


Also another similarity is that Snape is master at dark magic and Brewstone is master of black cat magic
I just thought of dark and black is similar .

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