Have to subscribe to play level 6?

The CodeCombat campaign was free. But they unfortunately took this away because of finance issues.


Well, CoCo is a business project and as every business it has it’s own strategy, marketing and so on. So that was the desigion of the CoCo chiefs. We can dis/agree but so it is.


Coco maybe was fully free the first 1-2 years. It just was more free content before.

Yes, the dream of communism :slight_smile: I was born in USSR so allow me to put jokes about it :slight_smile:


Maybe it would help if they re-added the ability to donate and/or buy gems. It would be nice if educational sites like CoCo could receive some kind of government funding, allowing them to be free while the developers can still afford to keep up the site.

(Sorry it must be hard to take me seriously because of the pfp…)

Maybe CodeCombat could use advertising to get money?

Yeah, but it’s for kids, so some advertisements might not be safe…

Well, advertising means someone pay for it))

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They could only advertise safe things then… These businesses don’t just walk up to CoCo, show 'em an idea and their computer directs them to the nearest ad slot…

Yes, but it sometimes might show some unsafe ads, there is a thing called “bugs” -_-

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O ye ig it.