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Help! In my name

I’ve been working on in my name and I don’t know how to correct my code. There’s no other topics on this level, so I have no reference to base my code on. Help!

# You must to find the treasure.
# This function should return the index of a letter:
def letterIndex(word, letter):
    # Step through each letter as an index of the word.
    for letter in range(len(word)):
        # Store a character from the word with the current index.
        character = word[0]
        # If it is the required letter:
        if character == letter:
            # Then return the current index (number).
            return len(word.index)
    # If nothing, return a default value
    return -1

ogreLetter = "z"
shaman = hero.findByType("thoktar")[0]

# Find the index and use it for finding the treasure.
chestIndex = letterIndex(, ogreLetter)
hero.moveXY(16 + chestIndex * 8, 36)

Try doing a literal search. By default the search engine will parse the statement you type in, returning articles that match at least one of the words. Instead, a literal search with force it to only return articles that exactly match your search string.

Search on “in my name” instead. (btw, this works with most apps that provide a search feature…but not always all of them)