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Help Redesign Dungeon Arena


We’re making a new version of Dungeon Arena with more heroes, better APIs, new art, many balance fixes, and more. If you’ve played Dungeon Arena, then we’d love to hear your feedback! See this thread for context on rebalancing arena levels. The new level is code-named Sky Span.

I’ve started a Google doc detailing my ideas for improvement. Please add comments here or in the doc with more ideas or thoughts on these suggestions, and let’s make a totally epic arena level!

Sick Sky Span Skullduggery - Google Docs

Additionally, if you want to help playtest the new level and find all the balance problems, then post here, private message me, or email


Update: although it’s missing final art and some documentation, and I’m still changing the balance, you can now play the new level:

Please try out the new heroes and abilities and help find which strategies are overpowered and underpowered.