Volcano World Ideas?

Name: Lava Castle
Link: https://codecombat.com/play/castle
Levels: 18 (9 Regular, 9 Subscription)
Re-playable Level: Fire Fight

18 - 24 Hours: Expert Techniques - Dynamic functions and LOTS of riddle solving using code.

New Item: Hypnotic Star I, II, III, IV - Allows you to take control of ogres and use them to your own advantage. Also can summon items fellow heroes.

New Item: Dark Staff (Weapon) - To beat some levels, you’ll have to \travel through time and alter the values of gravity if you want to save the future!

New Item: Programmitication VI(6) - You played CodeCombat, now teach CodeCombat! You can use features such as add to add a property to a summoned unit, and equip to give a unit an item.

New Heroes:
Illia ShieldSmith (Beat Level 6, Molten Core) Lava Castle
Ritic The Cold (Beat Level 26, Glacier Freeze) Kelvintaph Glacier
Ursara Master Wizard (Beat Level 13, Spell Out Magma) Lava Castle

New Pet:
The Yeti: This adorable companion can freeze nearby units (for a small time and cannot be used when on cool down), allowing you to escape, and give the hero more health when equipped. Enemies that come near the hero do less damage and walk slower because they are chilled and scared of The Yeti. Available in shop (only if you are at least level 40) after beating Kelvintaph Glacier level: Level 14: Abdomidable Snowman.


Nice @_TD_RodYT . You should contact @serg about this!!


I think that codecombat should add a level where you could unlock a hero that is not subscriber only so you don’t have to be stuck with Arya and Tharin


I guess but Code Combat needs revenue and the addition of new heroes will persuade people to purcahse a subscription.