Promote your YT or Twitch

I dunno about you, but I feel like people on this platform would make super entertaining streamers and YouTubers, so I’m making a forum that people can promote their channels, or small channels they think people will like!

This would (maybe) be a cool idea but it’s against the rules of the forum:
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knaw i think its fine


I was gonna advertise my extremely popular channel with 28 subs on it. /j


I mean… The rules are pretty clear… No spam is allowed and advertising counts as spam

IDK but it was to prevent people from spaming adverts

Its not advertising unless its a product to be bought per dictionary, so in theory this would be allowed?

It literally just prevents them from advertising at all. If you post even one advert that’s spam, and spam isn’t allowed, therefore you don’t even have to spam to get flagged.

Promotion and Advertisement are two separate functionalities as well, one Is for a profitable margin and the other is to spread word

but i feel like the point was to prevent it from being used by corporations to sell their products but i might me wrong

You would be selling something though: ads on youtube

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a corperation on here though; why would that be a rule?

but in the topic for youtube people promoted mr beast or other youtubers by talking about them so i feel it is the same talking about your own youtube chanel @Chaboi_3000 sorry for the ping but could you clear this up

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im saying its the point of the rule rather than the letter of the rule but i could still be wrong

Y’know since there’s a topic for yt should this topic even exist at all?

idk i honestly like the idea of this topic so people can discuss their chanels and give feedback to oneanother

But couldn’t you also do that on the topic for yt though?

ya ig but its still nice to have topic devoted to it .

I feel like yes you could but it’d get lost in the other conversations on that topic

Yeah use the topic of youtube

I would say it’s okay as long as it’s only on this thread, and people aren’t just posting their YT links on irrelevant threads. :+1: And obviously the content of the channel has to be family-friendly & comply with the forum rules.