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Heroes and Their Stats - A reference

Should be there once you join.

Yes, that’s how i got him. Oh, and Chaboi, when you have time could you show a gif of him doing that charismagnetize thingy

It’s basically a lesser version of Usara’s magnetfield and with a fixed position.

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aaaah ok thx(20 chars)

@Chaboi_3000 If Nalfars devours an enemy and kills it, doesn’t he heal the amount of health that the enemy had? For example, if I killed a headhunter with 180 health using hero.devour(), then would I heal 180hp or 200hp?

Oops. Wrong description. It should heal you the target’s max health if succeeded. (Now updated correctly)

:+1: Thank you! (200000)

I have 40k gems! (why there’s always 20 chars)
its because you at least need 20 character to post so they right that to fill the 20 characters
i can’t do reply idk

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Hoyos has same stats like starter hero and only get christmagetize skill
and Hoyos is the worst looking hero

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I have to agree about Hoyos. I don’t even like using his skill.


Please add Ned Fulmer you the list of Special Heroes.

plz add a new wizard

Done. Sorry for the delay!

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