Which hero's can I get

Which 2 heroes can I unlock without buying a subscription. When I look on the page that’s asking you to subscribe it says you unlock 7 new heroes and I counted and there were 9 locked ones?

I believe the “7 new heroes” count is just outdated, unfortunately.
I’ve finished all free-to-play levels and haven’t unlocked any new hero.

Update: there are 8 subscriber-only heroes, and one that is not available for anyone yet.

oh. :disappointed:

( Breaking character limit)

There will be 16 heroes all told. The two most powerful heroes of each class haven’t been released yet. We have some fun stuff planned for those. :wink:

Am I right to assume that Arryn is the most powerful melee character?

She’s the fastest. Actually, Tharin and Anya are better in a straight-up fight, and Hattori does more damage, but Arryn has two special abilities and her speed, making her the best for certain levels. The more powerful heroes have more abilities but are more unbalanced, and the most powerful hero for each class is more balanced with better overall stats and the most abilities.

Don’t worry mate, stronger hero not always win in multi battles, best code does :wink: