Premium Characters

I’m thinking about getting premium, but don’t know how much Ritic or any of the other characters cost in gems, could anyone tell me? C:

I would go with nalfar cuz hes cheep and gud

I don’t mean which to go with, I mean how much do they cost.

ritic is 29000 and usara is 21000

:grimacing: thats expensive… what about Zana?

zana is 850000 JK she is 8500

LOL, would be funny if she was that expensive, hmmmm, so I guess I’ll get premium in like, idk, 2 weeks?

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also wat heros can I use 2 fite u?

any warrior or hushbaum

ok >:) Ill code ur doom

good luck. also, next time, bring this up in PMs pls ._.

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If I’m correct (and I think I am), you get gems when you subscribe. This will help in the cost of characters too.


Thanks :slight_smile: (20 chars)