Choose hero screen locks game


When I am presented with the choose hero screen, it stays on the screen. you cannot interact with the game at all and have to turn off the tab. (language Python, world: forest, browser Chrome)


And now even the hero does not appear


Try switching browsers or clearing the cache. If that does not work, then it’s probably a bug.


@Hellenar. Thanks for your constructive suggestions. I tried both of them and they didn’t work (cleared cache in Chrome and tried Windows Edge) :cry:

Same result each time. It does appear like a bug, doesn’t it?


It does seem to be a bug of some sort. I’ll contact @Serg and @nick and see if they can get the issue fixed.


Very much appreciated. I’ve only just started but this ‘game’ seems like a really well designed learning tool.


I agree. CodeCombat is one of my favorite learning tools, and once you’re done I’d also like to recommend SoloLearn :grin:


Yep, that sure is a problem.

If you avoid Subscriber levels for now, you should be fine to play. The red levels are the non-subscriber levels, which don’t have this problem.

I hope to have a fix soon, sorry about this!


Thanks for that temporary fix. It worked until I got to Deja Brew (red level) which then ran into the same problem. it’s a bit late at night here, so I’ll check it when I can tomorrow.


Ah. Apologies, deja Brew was a blue quest :blush: must have been a bit tired.


Thanks. I can access blue levels now. Much appreciated.