Character Selection Bug [Fixed]

Okay I have a bug which makes all characters in the character selection tab (excluding the free ones you get with premium for some reason.) have a cost. Including the ones that are supposed to be free. And I tried to pay for it but it…didn’t. I just lost like 20 gems testing it out.

Here are some screen shots.

For some reason even though I have Okar selected at the moment it still says I have to pay to unlock him.

I have no idea what’s going on. I refreshed the tab a few times and its still there. Please help.

Hmmm strange @Chaboi_3000 can you take a look at this

I have a similar problem just today although the characters aren’t costing gems; they just require subscription. (Might just be because I’m not subscribed.)

Looks like its working again (for me at least)

I wonder how it got fixed though it doesn’t seem like any admins are on

Okay it seems to be fixed now. Nice.

Well now I have a different bug, whenever I have an error, my code doesn’t show me a hint as to where the error is like it should.

Is anyone else experiencing the same bug as me?