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Need help with another thing that is not lvl help but i didnt know what to put it as

I was wondering if there was a way to “merge” accounts on discourse, cause I have another account I believe it was “Jacksepticeye_24” and I wanted to still have access to it. I used my school email for it and I had to not use my school email because I am moving to a different school.
lots of info, I know but I would like to know.

Sorry, but it is not possible to merge, or share accounts. No promises, but if there is any alternative, emailing might help, at least to clarify the situation.

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diddly darn, thanks though!


If you had good reputation in previous school maybe you can contact someone, teacher or authorities, to explain and solve situation?

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I don’t think that that would work cause it blocked me out of hangouts and email on the thing. ill show you

Then I think that you will use this account now, right?


yes I will (20 chars)

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