Hints are not readable (see through background)

My son and I are just working through the early levels, we got to Kithgard Librarian and you’re required to click on Hints to acquire a password. However when the Hint dialog appears, the background for the dialog is transparent and therefore its nearly impossible to read the text.
I’ve tried different web browsers and PCs, and the issue is consistent, and I’ve gone back and checked earlier levels and it happens there as well.

See images

Im guessing this might be a cookie problem. Try clearing your browsing data then try again.

The same issue is happening with me when I tried it. (outside the dungeon too)
As for now, you should click “NEXT” at the bottom middle and on the second page, the first word in red is the password.

@Bryukh or @Chaboi_3000 if you can please see this problem.

Looks like a cache issue. Could you try to do hard reload (in chrome - the right click on the reload icon)?

It isn’t working with me, it does only normal refresh
Also, when i check the details of the methods, the same thing happens, the boxes are transparent but they have a thick outline. In all levels, the problem is consistent for both methods tab and Hints tab.

Ok. Then could you clear the browser cache (Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Play Help) ? Maybe it helps

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It worked. Thanks. (20chars)

Forcing the cache to clear also worked for me.
Weird that it didn’t load correctly for the first time in 3 different browsers across 2 different PCs.
Thanks for the help.

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I think it was a problem on our side too (first), some issue with the cache in Cloudflare, however after we cleared the cache there client browsers haven’t refreshed their too (weird).

… their caches…

No need to be a grammar …

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Pretty sure its their.