No translation possible for Hint page 3 on diplomats i18n page for kithgard-librarian

Game play/level/kithgard-librarian

Where are they defined then ?

Also I can see 3 Hints from game, but 5 hints from Level editor play button… curious

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What is I18n?

I18n - translation possibility


well, I see some. I dont get the bug by you though. @AnSeDra do you know? or @PeterPalov?

@villu164 you can always email and they should be able to help you.


I think I phrased my topic poorly -> I meant to say, that I created translations for Estonian language there, but after doing a quick look on the game level itself again, I saw content, that wasn’t offered for translations

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Oh, that’s interesting. I haven’t seen that before. Sorry to redirect you to another person, but I’m not very versed in i18n and all that translation stuff. @Chaboi_3000 might be able to help. Or support as AnSeDra said.


Thanks, but I think I figured it out, I’m such a beginner…

The extra hint parts come from the connected tags on the level. E.g. Strings would add a hint page for Strings.

Thanks for your time and support.

I think you can close this topic :smiley: