Hitman has decoys... how 2 get past them. Am I allowed to try to complete hitman with griffin-riders

Your hero tries to attack decoys… and am I allowed to try to win with griffin-rider

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If that is what the level says to do then yes. A screenshot of the instructions that the level provides would help

um, it’s ritic non sub. Phase shift. uhhh…

Hm? I’m not sure I understand

A non sub level that requires ritic. I know, makes no sense. I’m not a sub.

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Yes then I’m pretty sure you can only complete this level if you subscribe

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but I think you “can” complete the level even if you don’t with griffin-riders and invisibility.

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How so


invis ring cast.invisibility griffin-rider and tell the griffin-rider to fly over the mines and kill witch.

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Oh ok well if you can do that then you should.

but it’s supposed to be ritic.

I hope that helps I just don’t know a lot about that level

Well like I said if it isn’t rictic subscribe to get him

oops accidentally soulutioned that. For 1 second. then unsoulutioned…

Oh ok well its ok to solution it actually thats what you need to do after someone answers your question

Yeah, you know, I accidentally soulutioned it.

lol yea well I hope I helped all that I could remember like I said whichever of my posts that helped the most is the one you should solution

um… @Chaboi_3000 or @Deadpool198! Help with this?

I really don’t think this needs any more help. Like I said there are some heroes that require subscription and some that do not. To complete some levels you will need the heroes therefore if you don’t, you cannot complete those levels

Hey there, you’ll need to have Ritic in order to play these levels. By default it should force you into Ritic unless you accessed it via. direct-link.