Hmm, confusion about something I shouldn't be confused about

Zana Woodheart is a forest sprite, one of the most powerful users of magic ever seen. After the ogres destroyed her home, she dedicated her life to preserving peace in the forest.

Crossbows, Guns - Long Range, No Magic


Note the “powerful magic user.” bit and the “No magic” bit

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I think the powerful magic user part is pointing to her abilities.

Ah, that makes sense.

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since she has ability very closely related with the Oak Sphere Staff so maybe that is why

Soooo, is that what Zana calls peace?

Lol (fitting in 20 chars)

she makes peace with guns

maybe she just snipes the nearest ogres

I think she was angry so she used guns

If you take a look at her abilities, it’s rather a support/utility oriented ability vs Okar’s offensive/destructive abilities.