Zana's Biography and Story

                          Part 1 The Attack

As a child zana loved to play with the fireflies. She loved to flap them around paralyze them and capture them. One day while she saw ogres attacking her village. She tried to fight them, but she was just not strong enough to do so. So she ran and fled the village. She sought revenge over the ogres and struck them whenever she could, with her enchanted bow.

She found others who survived the attack on their village in the forest. She trained them to be warriors known as paladins. They were powerful and they overran ogre camps and kept them away from the forest so others wouldn’t suffer her pain that she experienced…

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                         Part 2 The Team

Zana was trying to find ogre bases in the forest to destroy and she crossed paths with Naria. They were both after ogres, and they needed to team up to set up a trap. Zana found an ogre base and she waited to attack until more ogres showed up. There were 500 ogres in the base when she attacked. She wanted to make more ogres come, because she new that they had prisoners with them and some might be useful to her. Naria was sniping the ogres, while the paladins attack, and that gave Zana a chance to sneak inside the base. She was going to destroy the ogres from the inside out.

She found the information that she needed, then she blew the base up. She rushed out and set up a camp that looked like an ogre camp but was a human one. That way she would kill the ogres and get the prisoners. All she needed to do was wait now

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No but it is related to Illia Shieldsmith

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                      Part 3 The Prisoner 

The ogres got news of the attack on the base. They came with prisoners and went to the camp. When they got inside they had quite the surprise and they all were terminated. They released the prisoners and found one prisoner that said to be long lost.

The prisoner was Illia Shieldsmith Uncle! They were quick to release him and told him that Ritic was the closest person that could help him. So he went off to find Ritic in the Kelevintapht glacier, meanwhile naria found another interesting prisoner. Her name was Captain Anya Weston she was fighting the ogres but was captured.

She new all of the ogre camps positions and quickly went to attack them. First she new of a ogre encampment near the so called Saige of Stonehold. They took the place over and they secured a path to the hot Savren Dessert…

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seige not saige but seige sounds wrong for siege its trying to attack we arent attacking this time were defending

It was the name of the level that unlocked the Dessert.

Maybe perhaps Illia’s uncle forged Ritic’s outfit? :open_mouth: Good story by the way :slight_smile:


Thanks and it is possible that ritics outfit was forged by Illia’s Uncle.

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