How do I make a ladder game?

Hi, sorry to disturb you guys, but for ladders in zero sum and cavern survival, for example, there are like rankings and play as red and play as blue buttons, I forked your zero sum level and i renamed my copy to test 9307. The ladder still works. How do I make the level that @RangerGrant9307 and I worked on a ladder game? Thanks for your time.

I think everything with it should be set up normally now. Had to make the Alliance System ogres team playable. Type: “ladder” levels are the new architecture and only have one copy of the code, as opposed to mirror-match-type “hero-ladder” levels that have two fake copies or non-mirror-match “hero-ladder” levels that have separate humans and ogres sessions. This one is set up correctly as a “ladder” level, with better performance and fairer rankings and all that.