How do i make the heroes turn into bases?

I was making a multiplayer arena, and was trying to make them turn into the bases from aiLeague instead of them being the hero that you normally have. Yet, I can’t seem to get it to work. Is this something that I have to mess with the referee to get it to work?

It doesn’t have to do with the referee; Just start with the template you want to use (changing it is a bit annoying) name it “Hero Placeholder” (and “Hero Placeholder 1” if you want a multiplayer level).
Of course add all the "hero"components (programming.programmable,programming.plans, programming.API)

I did that, but then this happens.

What is the level type set to? Hero-ladder has a weird bug

Screenshot 2024-02-07 10.44.02 AM

I forgot why I did this; it might be something else, but try adding the inventory.equips component and adding a slot (empty or full I think both work). I’ll test it later but my chromebook is too under-powered to run codecombat.

It works, but I still can tell it’s bugged a little bit because the methods or whatever they’re called are on the bottom instead of on the side

yes i did this on both heroes

It’s not a bug; there just aren’t enough methods yet so they go below the code instead of on the side.
For example here I only have simple boots equipped:

Once you get more methods it should move back to the side.

ahh ok. i just thought something was bugged because something similar happened when I was making a level and it happened to be because of a bug in the referee.

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Also I need to start saving my levels lol.
The devs added a new thang and it reset all the level editors; and bc I hadn’t saved anything it deleted it all :skull: