How to make an Arena?

I’ve been trying for days but I can’t find how to make an arena when I am a subscriber. Can anyone teach me please?

Oh, just go to the Settings tab and set the type to hero-ladder.

Then you have to drag two heroes out, make seperate goals for the two teams humans and ogres in the settings tab, and in the programmable section say in the programmableMethods, languages = code languades, and the box that shows up is for sample code. I like making the name plan, but your choice.

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It’s a lot easier to get it working if you fork an arena that’s closest to the kind of arena you want to make, so that Alliance System has two playable teams, the two hero placeholders are configured properly, there are two sets of goals depending on which team it is, etc.


hmm, I am interested in how to make a multiplayer level how exactly do you do that?