Wondering how to change camera view for hero

I am new to the level editor and have tried many times to make it that the hero can’t see far out. However, every time I have tried, when playtesting I can see the entire map, rather than a small, moveable portion.
If you can help me in ANY way with this topic, then say something, all comments are appreciated.


Hi @Memedealer2111, this issue has happened to me too.

I think @Chaboi_3000 can say something.


Im not sure who they are but thanks for the help nonetheless


If you are trying to change the hero placeholder it won’t affect users’ heroes as their equipment overwrite parameters. So you need to use ‘Referee’ and in the onFirstFrame method add something like this

@hero.visualRange = 42
@hero.visualRangeSquared = @hero.visualRange * @hero.visualRange

ok, thanks ill try it out

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Welcome back. I loved your levels.


back?, were they a good level designer?

Yeah he created tons of my favorite levels in the Mountain and Glacier.

Im barely 1/4 through the desert but Ill see them soon

I’ve never left. Just working mostly on Ozaria and rarely jump to CoCo. Well except for new arena levels.
I got a notification for this post the first time after long time. Not sure how it works there. Feel free to mention me if needs some help.


Can you disable Boss Stars for Count Links because I cheated with it and I completed the level.

You’ve seen them a lot already :slight_smile:

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The idea of ​​introducing a “fog of war” is the basis for a new level type and CoCo would approach the real strategy, Moba and other games. Hero and his friends to have limited vision is a fantastic suggestion!
And let the flags be banned!


It’s possible, the main problem how to make the hero “forget” variables. For example I’ve found the nearest enemy then it was lost in “fog of war”. However you still can get data from the object.

One way is replacing all API properties with getters and check if an unit is “visible”.

Hmm, you know, I like this idea

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I think it’s an offtopic here. Can you create a post (with my mention) or DM me whats the problem?

We do clear out player code variable references to no-longer-visible Thangs with the hide and invisibility abilities and it sort of works, sans a long tail of edge cases that break things, but in theory our approach could work with enough diligence.

@Memedealer2111 by the way, couldn’t tell, but if your question was around the player’s view rather than the hero’s view, the place to do that is in the Introduction Script, where you have camera control.


Are we doing it through HasAPI component?

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Welcome back @Bryukh! Idk if you remember me but I remember you :wink:


Of course, remember :slight_smile: I remember nicknames better than real names.