How do I put a classroom on a personal account?

I have 2 accounts for Code Combat, but my personal account has had more progress. Is it possible to link the accounts or put a classroom on my personal account. If you know how please reply with the instructions. Edit: The reason why I want to link my accounts is because my teacher prefers to have all accounts in the same class. Also, over summer break my teacher will want to check our progress


I don’t think this is possible. @stephanie, am I correct?

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@Squirrel currently we have no way to track progress for two accounts. You could update one of your accounts to a teacher account in which you could create a class. However, you would not have access to the home version anymore. This would be the same case if you updated the other to that of a student by joining your classroom. While progress would be transferred to the student account you would not have access to the home version anymore as well.

Is there a specific reason you want or need to link accounts?

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