How do I use Illia

I don’t know how to use Illia

slam is aoe verson of bash, shield bubble is basicly a shield but its a circle
force push is the force in starwars and reflect basicly explains its self

I know that already @riticmaster908 but how do I make My hero do that?

hero.slam(#whatever you want to slam)
hero.forcePush(#whatever you want to slam, #number from 0 to 1)

What should I do at missile,direction?

do the missile you want to reflect for missile ,and which way you want to reflect it to in direction

Should I make direction (x, y) ?

Direction needs to be a Vector. Vector.rotate() or smth.

I don’t know how to use Vector

Which world are you in?

it must be a vector or positon (ex: friend.pos)

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Yes. (20 chars agrees)

CLoudrip mountain moonwatcher348

You shouldn’t use her until Glacier unless you are an experienced coder. (no offense)

When will I be a expirences coder?

Depends on how hard you work. :slight_smile:

I don’t think so.
If you get her earlier(and still do levels the way they are supposed to do and come back to experiement with said character) I think you can practice with said character and when they get to higher levels, they will be more experienced with that character and understanding them to use their functions will be easier.

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