How to use Illia Shieldsmith's abilities? AND modifications for miscellaneous hero stuff

It’s hero.reflect(Vector(x, y, z))
I don’t know how to use it
For example, I want to block all witch projectiles. I’m at "x" = 20, "y" = 35, and the witch is at "x" = 60, "y" = 35.
How do I do it?
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Oh yeah I don’t know how to use hero.forcePush(target, direction, howMuchForceToUse) too
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Get the Vector from the hero to the witch/projectile using Vector.subtract. Then reflect in that Vector’s direction.
Same for ForcePush, get the Vector from the hero to the target, then push.

I don’t know how the heck to use Vector stuff
Edit: Can pls teach how to use Vector formulas?
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What zone are you in?

Cloudrip Mountain (Python)
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'ight. Illia is meant to be for glacier players, so I advise going through the mountain levels and do the first few glacier levels to get a better idea.

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Oh ok, guess I’ll grind then ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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I think this may be an opportunity to change the “difficulty” property of individual heroes. Illia is definitely not “easy”. Neither is Ritic “medium”. I think it might make more sense to make the difficulty levels line up with the classes of hero rather than dividing it just on hero type.

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Honestly the point of having hero unlock levels is to make sure people don’t end up buying a hero and not being able to use them, not sure why they removed them though.

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Ok so…
Easy: Anya, Tharin, Ida, Alejandro, Amara, Hattori, Senick, Gordon, Arryn
Medium: Hushbaum, Omarn, Naria, Okar, Pender
Hard: Zana, Nalfar, Illia, Ritic
I think this will work a lot better
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I think they should be separated using their “tiers”.
Tier 0: Anya, Tharin, Ida, Alejandro – Easy
Tier 1: Amara, Hattori, Hushbaum – Easy
Tier 2: Senick, Omarn, Gordon – Easy-Intermediate
Tier 3: Naria, Pender, Arryn – Intermediate
Tier 4: Nalfar, Zana, Okar – Challenging
Tier 5: Illia, Ritic, Ursara – Advanced

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And with which section to unlock them (idk about which level you decide):
None: Anya, Tharin, Ida, Alejandro
Dungeon: Amara, Hattori, Senick, Hushbaum
Forest: Gordon, Naria, Zana, Omarn
Desert: Arryn, Pender
Mountain: Okar, Nalfar (could also be unlocked at Dungeon maybe)
Glacier: Illia, Ritic, Ursara
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Hushbaum should switch with Senick cuz Senick’s only skill is heal, and wizard is defo more complicated than ranger
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I think you’re forgetting what tiers are. Tiers are the in-game hero classification. Also Nalfar’s original unlock level was precision kicking.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok
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Alternatively heroes could require a certain level to unlock. Not sure.

K that’s a good idea
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P. S. but you should still have a simple level for each hero which everyone (even non-subs) can play to kinda experience that hero

Yeah definitely that’d be nice. Takes a lot of time and effort though. You would be astonished how long a single simple level takes to build.

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Should be an enemy of each kind there, and a few obstacles, also for each hero should make a spot for each special skill for them to try the skill out
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P. S. Also the players should be able to access all armor, weapons, items, and stuff (apart from the secret stuff) in those lvls