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How do you beat the level apocalypse?


I can’t seem to beat apocalypse. I used flags but at the last 10 seconds I accidently right clicked and a page just appeared and when I came back I lost :hocho: :sweat:. Can anybody tell me how to beat it (I used omarn with sothned leather boots) :dizzy_face:plz respond


:sob:I don’t have much time left please


Sounds like you almost had it :smile: , just do it again :expressionless: (and again… :frowning: …)

Every run is different so there isn’t anything I can tell you that you don’t already know.

Flags are the easiest way to go (there are only a couple people (at most) who have coded a no-to-mostly-no flag solution.)


good news I beat it!!! bad news I didn’t make it in time :sob:. I hope codecombat makes one again or > :cop: :japanese_ogre:


I almost beat it. I survived for 59.7 seconds!


I survived only 46 seconds!With the flags, what method you use?


I beat but I did it with a wizard not a warrior.


have trouble 2. I used every hero I have, but I used Omarn. The thing is his armor is so light he will get 1 shot K.O. I needed a more heavily armed one, so I used Tharin Thunderfist, but he is too slow. HELP!