Apocalypse pls help (solved)

Hi, but I’m having problem with Apocalypse. I’m using Illia Shieldsmith, but I always dies, so I’m looking a answer that don’t need to use her.
Or like don’t make her move to the red mark.
Or use wizard to swap(but My wizard’s gear is very very bad)
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
The code( Illia Shieldsmith):

# The artillery apocalypse is upon us!
# Dodge the incoming shells for 60 seconds.
# Tip: flags might come in handy, like in Coinucopia.
# Because the attacks are random each time you submit, you can't hard-code moveXYs.

while True:
    flag = hero.findFlag()
    if flag:
        if hero.distanceTo(flag) > 20 and hero.isReady('jump'):


art = hero.findByType("artillery")[0]
art1 = hero.findByType("artillery")[10]
art2 = hero.findByType("artillery")[11]
hero.cast("swap", art)
hero.cast("fireball", art1)
hero.cast("fireball", art2)
hero.moveXY(60, 14)
hero.cast("shockwave", "Artillery")
hero.cast("chain-lightning", "Artillery 4")
hero.cast("swap", art)
while True:
    arts = hero.findByType("artillery")
    for art in arts:
        if hero.canCast('haste'):
            hero.cast("haste", self)
        if hero.isReady("reset-cooldown"):
        if hero.isReady("flame-armor"):
            hero.cast("flame-armor", hero)
        if hero.isReady("earthskin"):
            hero.cast("earthskin", hero)
        if pet.isReady("shape-shift"):
            hero.moveXY(46, 54)
            hero.moveXY(14, 55)
            hero.moveXY(12, 11)
            hero.moveXY(47, 11)

What armour do you have for Illa Shieldsmith?


and these:

You can cast swap to the nearest artillery, and then try to escape (using flags or, maybe, something else)
Also, equip the boots of leaping. With slow boots you can’t win

I can’t use flags , Pender’s health is low

But I sure that I breaked 5 artilleries :laughing:

That doesn’t change anything. There are a lot of artilleries that you don’t see.

Well, Pender dies becuse of this:

I don’t know what she is doing

This is till where I survived with 7 health.

Did you use 6 health to beat this level

No, but I’m sure you can complete it with 6 health

But how? That need to brainstrom a lot

You can use flags. I will try to use them after swap now

But I’m sure that I’m not good at using flags

Is there any ways to let my hero go to the safe place?

Or just don’t move to the red-mark

@PeterPalov are are online now?

use a cheeky combo of deez nu… I mean swap + invis + reset cooldown