Subscription change possible?

To CodeCombat,

I just signed up, but regretted my choice (monthly vs lifetime).
Is there a way to go from monthly to lifetime without loosing my gained progress?


I am pretty sure there is, but I dont know how, as I first did a lifetime subscription

Hi Ironhead,

Thanks for your input.

Do you think I should contact the CC crew directly via email, or are they reading the forum, too?

@FrederikSS I’m pretty sure that you should contact them, because they need to know your information, your username, and stuff like that. Although you could wait, doing it directly from email will work better, because, the CC crew have a lot of topics to do, so, you should probably contact them by email, so it will work better, and it could be fixed faster.

Hi there,

Contacting is the way to go, but since I’m the one who answers that email, I may as well answer you here.

You can go to the Subscription page ( and click Unsubscribe, then click Subscribe again.

You will not lose progress. Even if you never subscribed again, you would not lose progress – you would only lose access to the premium content (levels, extra heroes, etc).

Hi Maka,

Thank you for the explanation.
What happens at the end of my monthly subscription. Will I be reminded to pay for the next month, or will the credit card be invoiced automatically?

I noticed that there is an option to reset ones progress.

Can I also change the programming language, so that I could start over with a new language as long as I am a subscriber?


Hello again,

The credit card is invoiced automatically if you are using the monthly subscription.

You can actually change a language on each level. The ability to change a language is hidden on the Change Hero page. So click a level, then click Change Hero, and you’ll see the language options.

If you reset your progress, you start from the beginning. Select the new language you want to practice in, and you’ll stay in that language until you switch it again (except for Web Development, which always uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

When you reset, you’ll keep all gems gained through purchases – this includes those from monthly subscriptions (3500 / month), yearly or lifetime memberships (42,000), or direct gem purchases. All gems earned from completing levels are removed (because they’re no longer complete!).