How do you cancel your subscription?


I dont have it.:confused: I wish someone would give me the answer


Sorry not in this discourse.


The hints will help you. Did you read it?


I know, i just wish someone would


Github’s .master has the answers but you should try solving on your own or I can help you with your code.


ok thanks(20 characters)


Create a topic that said lost viking help! And post your current code and I can start helping you from there.


oh, nevermind, mistyped a number.


accidentally typed 0 instead of 1


Yay so you finished?


Practice makes perfect!


yup (20 characters is kinda annoying)


viking helm is not good


But it is fun to use when you have momloth shield or deflector. It has 3x bash knockback, effective against warriors.


but my favorite hero to use is Nalfar and Senick, but i have precision rifle, which is overpowered. 152.6 damage a second! (and I also have razor disc)


sorry, got to go now


I use gift of the trees and Ritic and boom ball or sparkbomb


You are too good, gift of the trees is super overpowered, boomball < sparkbomb, by the way, Ritic = unstoppable. Whats your username?


It’s a secret thing…


okay (20 characters is annoying)