How do you cancel your subscription?


I wanted to fight you and see how badly I lose :smiley:


Sorry. It’s called the secret to being strong.


okay. (20 characters)


how do i friend you?


thanks (20 characters)


In discourse or code


both (20 characters)


bye got to go. (20)0000


Discourse is a no. Codecombat is there is no friending but joining their clans will help.


is it Rob Anybody or ryu.dy?


Are you looking in the correct clan?


bye! (20 characters)


What does that mean?


I’m not sure what do you mean by “cancel”, you can cancel “auto renew” subscription, however you paid time period is yours. If you want money refund, then it’s better to write to


I might have not done the auto renew.


Hi there,

You can cancel monthly subscriptions, which renew automatically, at any time by visiting the Subscriptions page.

Yearly memberships don’t have a cancel because they will just end after a year and they won’t renew.

Lifetime memberships don’t have a cancel option because they last forever.

Also, please don’t ask @Bryukh support questions. His job is to make more awesome things for you to play with/in (pets, hero abilities, levels, etc) and if he comes here to answer, you’re slowing down his work!

If you’re looking for help, you should summon me with an @maka.


@maka, I would like to have some gems back. Long ago before you can buy heroes without completing levels, I bought Hattori for 1100 and Amara for 600 and Hushbaum for 600 and I found now that they are free. I would like to get a refund for these heroes.


They aren’t free, you can check it in the thang editor. The only change was that you don’t need to unlock them.


On my free account it said subscribe to unclock hattori, amara and hushbaum.