How Far Can you get in Codecomabt Without Buying anything

I was just curious how far you could get in CodeCombat without armour. Is it possible to get out of the dungeon map?

Yes, you can. You will only need armour in the next world the forest. You can save all your gems in the Dungeon for later.

I just got stuck in Known Enemy. Its required to buy the armour

It never was for me. I just needed a weapon and whatever else the levels gave me.

You don’t have to buy the armor(I think) but with none it can be really hard to comple levels.

@Eric_Tang that’s true it will be hard but not impossible.

There are frequent equipment checks that make it mandatory to buy better equipment.


But theoreticly would it be possible to pass the hole CoCo campaign?

No, not really. Otherwise those equipment-check levels won’t serve a purpose.


@Eric_Tang well you can’t do the whole campaign but I did the dungeon one without buying anything because it provides you most of the items you need that’s why I said you don’t need to buy anything. I didn’t mean like without any items equipped just not have to buy anything with gems because the game provides you with mostly everything you need to pass the first map.

I knew what you meant.

@Eric_Tang Okay that is good I just wanted to make sure I didn’t mislead anyone.