I'm trying to finish codecombat without buying stuff

I will post stuff on this topic about my progress.

Dec. 7, 2020

your goal is not possible Code_Master since you will have to buy stuff that has a wait method, a hammer, if you are a sub hero’s like ritic.

Na, I can use the thing to get any item for free.

how do you do that @Code_Master

Html stuff. (can’t expose tiny hacks)

well you shouldn’t hack items it just isn’t right

Yes, but I’m doing this challenge so I have to do it though. I won’t do it after I completed all levels.

so you can hack all the best items you want that is sweet and very wrong

Na, I’m not hacking right now. I don’t need it. I have the tauran armour.

You will soon have to rely on other armor to play re-payable brawls

Not really… I’m just going to do all the levels. I’m not going to do re-playable brawls.

oh too bad they are fun

I agree with @milton.jinich you shouldnt just hack stuff like that. Why dont you do a challenge like not buy anything unless its mandatory

to keep the challenge only allow yourself to buy items that are required then after the level take them off until they are required again @Code_Master.


Would you be able to buy subscirbers things like the blue wolf???

Yes. I’m a subscriber

Good idea! I will do it.

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the hack is letting you to USE the item, not HAVE the item

ohhhhh that makes more sense…

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