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How fast have you finished the free levels?


Why? Tell them that your own money is your choice to spend or not spend.


i tried that before, but i think they may agree in the summer break


Sit your parents down and (like an adult) explain to your parents that this is not just a game. It is an educational program that simulates a game environment that makes learning fun. Stress the point that this is not just a game where there is no benefit, like with most playstation or x-box games. Although it is called a game, it is a learning environment (emphasis on that phrase) that only looks like a game. Ask them very nicely to help you learn something that you are very interested in - programming. Show them the CodeCombat home page that explains everything. Then tell them that if they have any questions, Maka will be more than happy to communicate with them the benefits of learning programming. I’m sure Maka will be very happy that I volunteered him to do this. :kissing_heart:


i already told them all of those things, they just doesn’t want me to play it because i am so addicted to it, i set for like 6 hours daily just to play it, i know i should sit less, but i can’t resist, the game is really so addicting.


It might help if you tell them about some job opportunities for programmers that have high paying salaries.:slightly_smiling_face::wink:


they already know, my father is a programmer