How long are enrollments good for?

I’m interested in purchasing 15 enrollments, but before I do I want to know how long these enrollments are good for. A year? Until CodeCombat closes?

I tried searching for this, but found no matching results.

Enrollments? Do you mean subscriptions?

I asked a similar question myself and here was the reply I got from the admins:

I use code combat in my class and found it very much worth the cost.

I see that the enrollment price is 50$

Is it possible to swap out the enrollment accounts?
- transform the enrollment accounts into premium or free account
- and recover the enrollment credits and use them for new accounts

Less attractive will be the possibility of just resetting the progress on enrollment accounts.

Otherwise, when compared with a premium account offering full access for 10$/month, there is no justification getting the enrollment.

Wow… I just saw that new price change. Not resetablle either. Student has perminate access, but account can’t be reset for a new student.

I’m not sure about schools in the states, but that is out of my school’s price range…

Although there is contact us about pricing button, so there is probably room for negotiation.