How to beat thoktar

Hi everyone! In the last level of the forest, you can go up to thoktar and fight him. However, he does an magic spell that does considerable damage, but then summons a skeleton and puts growth 100000000 on it, so it has like 4 K health and just slaughters my Pender. Does anyone know how to kill him? Without shiver tho

I remember I killed him once. :wink: I used all the spells from Unholy Tome V + summoned burls and attacked him. Although, to complete the level you don’t need to kill Thoktar. If you want to kill him just for fun, then use a strong wizard and all the spells that he can do. With Nalfar it should be good. He has sacrifice, so he will have a big damage if he kills all his friends.

Okay thanks! Will try soon


I killed Thoktar in the Ice Land

It’s super easy because he doesn’t attack you back :smiley:

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no he was talking about siege of stone hold