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How to log out of the classroom mode and back into normal CodeCombat?


Hey, it’s me here. I never intended to actually make a new topic, but I have a problem.

I can’t get off of the Student Dashboard.

The levels that I’ve played and all the stuff I’ve earned, I’m level 19 and now lost all of it.
the levels that the teacher gave me were JavaScript and not Python, and were tedious.
I got stuck on a few and decided: ‘Well, let’s play some normal coding.’ then, when I logged out and back in I was still inside the Dashboard!
I can’t find a “Exit Dashboard” or -Go Back button, so help!


Is there a logout under “My Account” for classroom mode?


I need help with this too


As Harry already said:[quote=“Harry_the_Wanderer, post:2, topic:8972”]
Is there a logout under “My Account” for classroom mode?


No there isn’t.
For me it say:Profile, Settings, and Log Out.


When I always try to go to a level, it always brings me to the student area. :disappointed_relieved::hatched_chick:


Hi, I have a similar issue,

i am logged in a student, and when i scroll all the way down, i see “Multiplayer” (wow, how cool is that!) which brings me here>>>

But when i click on any of the options, say “Ace of Coders”, it brings me to “My Student Dashboard” page…

It would be great if a student can participate in the arenas, is there a workaround for this?



there is not a log out thing for classroom mode