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How to set the sample code for a level

I really need help trying to get the sample code on my level. How do you do it?

Is this a custom level that you are creating or is that for a existing level in one of the worlds? Like “Gems in the Deep” for example.

A custom level. I’m his brother so I know. @Harry_the_Wanderer, you there?

So, yeah. Things are a bit dodgy in the level editor. Its a cool tool. But you have to know where to put things.

Click on the “Hero Placeholder” and look for the programmable Programmable in the Components. Check out this screenshot for exactly where.

The way they originally programmed the game from what I gather was to allow PC and NPC “Thangs” to be programmable. So you could actually enter code directly into a arrow towers code screen. Just like the heroes code screen.

Which opens an interesting conversation about adding programmable abilities to certain objects in the game and what that might add for game play. But this is no longer the “way” its being done so you would need to add that to your “help” section in the level if you added extra objects that could be programmed directly like the hero.

Also have you read through the Artisan documentation on the wiki?

its a lot to take in, but its a necessary requirement if you want to create levels.

Make sure to read all of the Artisian sections:

And also read as much of the Game Engine section as you can.

I would like to say it will be easy, but the editor took me a while to get the hang of.

Thanks for the help man!