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Cant do any missions except Cavern


I cant play any other missions. I cant play multiplayer, or any other world. I thought it was because i needed premium so we bought lifetime, so it still dosent work. I made a second account and it works there. So basically nothing else works and only the cavern does. Simple solution: You give me the refund for lifetime, my username is AlexanderTheGreat4.
Or try something else.
Thank you!


P.S. I used to be able to play said games and multiplayer


I think you should report this to one of the contributors or it would take too
long for them to notice this problem.


Can you give us a screenshot or a video of what it looks like?


I wouldnt be able to because every time i try to play on multiplayer, it just cuts back to my courses and it dosent give me the option to play anything else except cavern. It dosent give me the button.


Are you a student or a teacher?


Student, but i used to be able to play on code combat when in a classroom


Sorry we had problems combining two modes so we separated them. Ask your teacher to remove your account from class or ask for refunds.


I already tried to have him remove my account, he did it but nothing changed.


ask the