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I tried to see the previous levels and most of them are also locked!


All that remained was to solve level 18 of CS1 but it appears BLOCKED on the map. I tried to see the previous levels and most of them are also locked!
Whats wrong?



Change the category please @ESC_21_Educacao_Tecn

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@Deadpool198 !!!

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I just did that to call you

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Hi @ESC_21_Educacao_Tecn, I’m afraid I don’t have much experience in dealing with the classroom version as I’ve only done the individual campaign.
Please could you email and tell them what you told us.

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Sorry about that…


Hello @Monsty, Was your issue resolved?

Hi @HYCODER, welcome to the CodeCombat Discourse! :tada:
It wasn’t actually Monsty who had the problem, it was the original poster @ESC_21_Educacao_Tecn. I’m not sure whether he/she has resolved their problem or not. He was last seen on the forum on June the 9th, so I doubt he’ll return to answer you any time soon.
Are you having the same problem? If so I would email to look for an answer.


Hi @Deadpool198, thank you so much for the reply! Yes, I just emailed my issue to who assisted me on another issue couple days ago. My question is a bit different. Can you please help me to see whether you could help me to resolve it? Thanks a lot in advance!

The issue is when a student account logs in Code Combat on my laptop (Lenovo Carbon X1, Windows 10 Pro, 64bit), there is no any level spots (normally yellow, green, purple, or blue dots) can be seen any more. Please see attached screen shot.
(1) I have tried two different student accounts on this laptop and the same issue occurred. Both student accounts work well on this laptop several days ago. The two student accounts currently have no issues when using another laptop.
(2) I have tried both Firefox and Chrome browsers. The issue still exists. I have deleted all Code Combat related browser history. Still no help.
(3) My teacher account works well on this laptop.