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I don't know my code teacher


I’m a new player in the game, i don’t find my code teacher, please, how can i do to have it ?
thanks ! :slight_smile:


You can join CodeCombat without being in a class or having a teacher. You can just join, and maybe even subscribe (subscribers get more stuff).
Hope this helps!:relaxed:


I’m assuming you have clicked here:

When you should have clicked here:

In other words, you have created a student account for the classroom edition instead of starting the campaign mode.

I believe you can delete your account and create a new one, or ask @nick to have your account de-studented. In any case, you are still able to play the campaign mode by visiting this link.

If I recall correctly, @nick mentioned they would improve the separation between the classroom edition and the “legacy” mode, perhaps creating separate homepages for each. I don’t know whether there has been any progress in this part.

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Class Code when I start

Thank you very much :slight_smile: !