I'm trying to finish codecombat ONLY buying the best gears

I will just buy stuff. The best ones.

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ok thats much better than hacking stuff

The hack is very easy though. Just a tiny bit harder than using pets when you are not a subscriber. Plus, I didn’t use any code to hack. 0 codes, just like pet hack. Also, it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier than clone coco and terminal stuff.

But anyway what you are doing now is much better

I don’t think you call it a hack. It should be called a glitch.

true but its still kinda cheating the game

Just like skipping levels.

Ok you got me there…

but anyway back on to the topic

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Right. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Did you make a new account or are you using the same account

its interesting when you find a new feature lol

Same one. (why would I sub for a new one?)

I recommend buying the drangon armor the defelctor and all the good rings and save up for future items

dude @milton.jinich
@Code_Master has 45,294 gems

I know and what do you do with those gems you get a subscription or you buy the best hero armor ever

or you buy different heros…

What hero would you rather even if your not a sub and dont have enough gems?

It depends what kind of sub you are @WaWa_Yang