I have an idea for a AI league prize

top 5 get either free premium for 1 month or 5k gems, (premium does not give the gems just premium)
if you already have premium, it is either a hero under 9k gems or 5k gems.

please :heart: or reaction if you like this idea, it may encourage more players to join :smile:


in each age bracket…

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But what about the open brackets tho? Would they be in a category themselves, or would they be open to all of the brackets? Are they disqualified from any bracket?

I know I’m not good enough to get a prize myself, but I think that this should be thought through.

that too…
i said age brackets.
open counts

if this gets at least 10 or 12 likes please add the gems or the free month sub :pleading_face:

  • Yes to month free sub prize
  • yes to gem prize
  • yes to both
  • no

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We love ideas like this - keep them coming. That said the winners of AI League have typically completed the CodeCombat course and have already had a subscription. It’s how they became so good at the arena levels. Gems is certainly an option. Thanks for the feedback.

Then They could use the gems for better heros and more chalanges.
and people who dont have sub (like newer players) may enjoy the subscription :slight_smile:

About the subscription idea actually, there are actually potential for top players that heard of the AILeague but have never heard of CodeCombat before (like me), giving them subscriptions could be a way to market the CodeCombat products to them, since top players (in my opinion) usually has a network of coders, or people that they teach code to, giving a subscription could be a way to give them some sort of “trial”, and they could further refer other people (people they know that is learning coding, or people they teach, a friend’s childrens that are learning coding, or any other coder they know basically), either way it’s a quite nice addition in my opinion.