Questions about the site and its changes

I haven’t been on code combat in a while and was just wondering how much of it has changed with regards to subscriptions, gems, and other similar things. I realize I have asked this a long while ago but it didn’t get much replies so I guess I’m asking again.

  1. How much access do non-legacy free players have? I know they lowered the amount of levels you can access without a subscription but I don’t know what you can still access as a new free player (ie: are code tournaments still accessible to new free players? Has the subscription cost changed in any way? What happens if a player cancels their subscription?)

  2. Does simulating games still give gems? If so, is there any new method to update your gems? (it used to be the volume button, later, you had to beat a level for gems to update)

  3. I noticed that there are more options in the play menu. What are these new “modes” and does everyone have access to them or are some of them excusivly subscription?

From other posts I think it’s only the first 5 levels now. AiLeague is still available to all players but the specific arenas for each area ofbiosuly cannot be accessed as they are not within the first 5 levels. I remember there was a lifetime subscription but now it’s just yearly and monthly. If a player cancels their subscription I think they still have access to all the levels they tried but not any new ones that they haven’tclicked “play.”

Yes, I’ve actually noticed recently that It’ll update randomly; I don’t remember them accouncing a change though so it may just be chance.

I don’t quite understand what you mean. There are new code format options and of course there is the AiLeague (I don’t know how long ago you were here).

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It might not show up for you but on the play menu, I have a couple of extra things besides Home, AiLeague, and Code Combat Worlds marked beta so I was just wondering about that. I guess I could make a new account to see if they show up. Thanks for the response!

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Oh I see what you mean.
I don’t what Junior is but it’s probably just a simpler version of codecombat from what I can see in the level editor. There’s very simple “move right move left move up” looking levels in the editor.
Esports is the competitive coding “AiLeague” that a lot of people participate in to maybe get prizes.
You said Codecombat Worlds so I assume you know what it is (because I don’t :laughing:).
Ai Hackstack seems to be an Ai-assisted web development course of sorts with just normal prompts as well.
Ai Junior looks like just a kid version of Hakstack.

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CodeCombat Worlds is CodeCombat dabbilng into Roblox stuff

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